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        Be the Most Socially Responsible Enterprise

        Be the Most Socially Responsible Enterprise

        Diversified Development and Specialized Operation

        Diversified Development and Specialized Operation

        Creating a Bright Future

        Creating a Bright Future

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        Brief Introduction

        Hengdian Group is a private enterprise founded in 1975 in Hengdian, Zhejiang, China. Flourishing under China’s Reform and Opening-up policy, the Group earns an annual revenue of nearly 100 billion CNY, with business in four major areas: electrical and electronics, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, film, TV, culture and tourism, and modern services. Our business activities encompass product development, manufacturing, sales and services and extend to more than 150 countries and regions. Through a reliance on advanced technology and quality service, we continue to bring value to clients in all industries and work hard to bring forth sustainable development in regional economies.

        Number of global employees
        Year Founded
        78B CNY
        2020 Revenue
        Number of public companies
        Number of countries covered by our business

        Our Business

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        Electrical and Electronics
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        Pharmaceutical and Healthcare
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        Film and Entertainment
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        Modern Services
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        Corporate Responsibility

        Throughout the various stages of corporate development, Hengdian Group has forged and sustained a set of consistent corporate values. From an initial vision of “More Business, More Profit and more Benefits to the People” to the idea of “Mutual Growth, Mutual Wealth”, culminating in today’s vision of “Rooted in Hengdian, Embrace the World and be the most Socially Responsible Enterprise.” It is these values that have guided, and continue to guide, the Group to insist on a development strategy that is asset driven, asset building and community enriching. We aim to share our success with our community.