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        Aviation Services

        Aviation Services

        Hengdian General Airport is the first provincial A1 general airport, boasting a runway of 800 metres by 45 metres. It is also one of the first aviation flight camps in the country, as well as a civil aviation science education base, and a national defense education demonstration site. At the same time, it serves as Zhejiang center of aviation assisted national economic mobilization and an emergency air rescue base. It is also a “tourism general airport” pilot unit in the national transportation powerhouse strategy. We operate general aviation services like emergency air rescue, aerial forest protection services, short haul flights, low-altitude tourism and pilot training. We are making the airport into the first characteristic general airport, and have plans to extend the runway to 1800 metres.

        Our general aviation business holds certification under CCAR-91 and CCAR-135 for general aviation operation and CCAR-145 for civil aircraft maintenance. We have a fleet of 11 planes, including Y-12, Y-5B, Cessna 176/206 and Cirrus-22. Our crew includes 22 pilots and 23 maintenance specialists. Our main service offerings include scientific experiments, aerial prospecting, aerial photography, weather modification, as well as commercial pilot and private pilot license training.