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        Hengdian College of Film & Television

        Hengdian College of Film & Television was established in 2006 and covers an area of 385,000 m2, with more than 7,000 students. Around the film and television cultural industry chain, five professional groups, including film and television performance, film and television production, film and television art, film and television tourism, film and television economy, 6 secondary colleges and 25 majors, basically covering the entire film and television industry chain, including one key major of Ministry of Education, two superior majors at the provincial level, and six provincial characteristic majors, one provincial modern apprenticeship pilot major, one national production training base and four vocational demonstration training bases.

        The school adheres to the development of connotation and strives to improve the quality of teaching. Won more than 100 national and provincial skills competition awards every year; graduates have the initial employment rate of more than 98%, ranking 28th in higher vocational colleges and 2nd in the province; ranks 14 th in the list of 2020 China's first-class private higher vocational colleges compiled by Wu Shulian; and in recent years, it ranks among the top three private higher vocational colleges in the province.