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        Apeloa Pharmaceutical Post-doc Research Station Elevated to National Level

        Source: Media Development Center
        Author: Wang Weichao
        Date: 2020-12-02

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        Recently, after expert evaluation, the Post-doctoral Research Station of Apeloa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was approved by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and Office of China Postdoc Council to be a national post-doctoral research station.

        This research station was recognized as a provincial research station in June 2017. ?After three years of work, the station has graduated three post-doctors. Two post-doctoral researchers are in residence now. The station and university mobile station will jointly enroll 10 post-doctoral students in the next two year. The station engages in research on raw material synthesis technology and technology transfer/transformative processing. ?The advancement to national level signified that the company’s research and development has reached new heights.

        The company continues to maintain a strategy of “innovation-driven development.” Relying on the platform as a national post-doctoral research station, Apeloa Pharmaceutical can attract talent, bring in advanced high tech professionals and strengthen the collaboration between enterprise and universities on research. ?This helps to improve the overall quality of research and forge an integrated product chain linking APIs, CDMO and finished drugs, which will in turn bring Apeloa Pharmaceutical to the forefront of China’s technological based pharmaceutical industry, be a driver of corporate development, as well as contribute to people’s health and wellness.