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        Enjoy the Challenges in Every Role Change


        If what you are doing does not make you feel pleasant and relaxed, it doesn't mean that you should make change to what you are doing. What you need to change is the way how you do it, which is usually more important than what you do.

        In 2008, I joined Hengdian Group and became an export sales representative. Working in an English environment is challenging for most male graduates in the major of science and engineering. At the beginning, the abbreviations of technical terms and complicated product parameters used in emails became my bedtime reading materials. In addition, I learned in detail the entire process of product manufacturing in the factory as required. And I must keep in mind the full process of export, from the simplest step of packaging samples to the subsequent product performance studies, market analysis and shipment tracking.

        With the work experiences accumulated, I was dispatched overseas by the company in 2010 to explore new markets. During the five years when I worked abroad, I saw the bright sunshine in California and felt the snow in Minnesota. Despite the frustration in work and the loneliness on travel that I occasionally experienced, what I felt more than anything else was the delight for the order fulfillment and business enhancement. Five years later, I got married and became a first-time father, which made me clearly realize my responsibilities.

        In 2016, I was assigned to a different position to manage the operation of a factory owned by Hengdian Group. I had to keep learning in my daily work which changed from "sales-only" jobs to "tangible" and "intangible” jobs. The "tangible" jobs include the understanding of financial fundamentals, professional knowledge, procurement process, etc., while the "intangible" jobs refer to how to get along with people, that is, to understand, love and inspire people. I also needed to balance the relationships among departments and people and organize and coordinate human resources, so as to maximize the efficiency and profit of the company.

        Hengdian Group is such a broad, helpful environment where I take the pleasure of being engaged in different roles. It is normal to feel intimidated when facing an new industry or field. However, as the old saying goes, "Experience can only be obtained through doing things down-to-earth". Changing the way you work and focusing on what you are doing at the moment will help you remove any depression and frustration, and therefore you will be filled with joy at work. In other words, as long as you focus on moving forward in the right direction without worrying about the results, you will see all your efforts being rewarded.